What we do

Promoting social responsibility in the economic and social sector


SAKURA Initiative aims at promoting social and responsible practices, towards 2 main areas of intervention :

1. a technical and financial support to economic initiatives or social/educational activities generating a measurable social / environmental return

2. the communication on projects, best practices, lessons learned in the field, ... by the mean of events such as articles, conferences or workshops.

SAKURA Initiative promotes also social and responsible behavior in the economic sector combined with the transmission of human values in education.


Any business and social initiatives contributing to the development of an economy oriented to a sound human development. It covers any local activities producing basic and sustainable solutions (products & services)

  • taking care of human health (organic farms, sustainable forestry and water, ecotourism …)
  • taking care of everybody’s conditions of living (any industrial activities  favouring environmental/social-friendly techniques and systems, services to the elderly or disabled people …)
  • taking care of access to education, culture and intellectual development (“second chance” vocational schools and training centres building programmes that support human values …)


Selected projects are approved by the Board of Directors of SAKURA Initiative.

The projects are followed up with the most appropriate manner (visits on sites are favored).

The projects reporting may include Key Performance Indicators customised with the aim to measure the social and environmental outcomes of the technical and financial support.



2 organs :
  • a Board of Directors composed of high profiles from the financial and banking sector
  • an Advisory Board relying on a network of professionals from various sectors (legal, education, economy, consultancy …)


Projects may be introduced by any channels (business owners themselves, local representatives, fund providers, ….). Every project introduced must be screened and approved, in order to check that they comply with the SAKURA Initiative‘s values and mission statement.