About us

On the 7th December 2011, the Extraordinary General Meeting of the asbl “Comité de Soutien de la Microfinance” unanimously voted the amendment of the Articles of Association in order to enlarge the scope of activities to any initiatives related to poverty alleviation, environment protection and social integration and promotion of sustainable values.

In order to mark a new step in the history of the association and comply with the new orientation, it was also unanimously voted a change of its name into “SAKURA Initiative”.

In its new strategic approach, SAKURA Initiative - asbl aims at gathering people and organisations who want to experience individually or collectively another way to engage via a financial support, or through the delivery of technical advices and/or the opening of opportunities, to business or not for-profit initiatives that fulfil 3 goals : business development, environmental protection or restoration, social equity and well-being.