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Vision & Mission

The asbl SAKURA Initiative is a group of members (private persons and institutions) who are interested in impregnating with social and human values the economic development of the world in order to get it sustainable.

Two main areas of intervention are in the spectrum of the asbl SAKURA Initiative :

  1. the support to economic ventures and social/educational activities whose business plan respectively action plan embodies the values backed
  2. the promotion of social and responsible behaviour in the economic sector combined with the transmission of social and human values in education.
Both areas are of the same importance with regards to the vision served.
The set-up of Employee Volunteering Programmes – where an institution encourages their staff to engage in social and sustainable initiatives – may be an appropriate framework for working on both areas of intervention (projects support and lobbying).

Support to economic ventures and social/education activities

The mission takes shape in supporting initiatives that fulfil 3 goals : business development, social/education improvement, environmental protection or restoration, social equity and well-being. These three pillars of sustainable development are often referred to as the triple-bottom-line.

In any case, targets are small- to medium-sized organisations, as this is the type of structures that can easily capitalize on operational efficiencies, creates jobs and reinforces social integration.

Profiles of targeted activities

By “project” it is meant either an activity to start-up or an already existing one.

Activities may be in any sector : profit / non-profit.

Considering business projects, a “project” may be a single activity or an aggregate of linked activities combining more than just a financial return but also a social and/or an environmental return.

The target can be defined as being any business and social/education initiatives contributing to the development of an economy oriented to a sound human development.

How to qualify the target-initiatives ?

Local activities that deliver basic and sustainable solutions (products and services).
To know more about the definition of projects, see Our activities.

The asbl SAKURA Initiative aims at connecting private persons, institutions – who are seeking to provide support (be it financial or in-kind) – to cause-related economic initiatives or social/education activities.


Lobbying for social and human values

In addition to its exposure to economic and social projects in the field, the asbl SAKURA Initiative undertakes a long-term effort to raise awareness among the public on fundamental issues the world is facing, and how it might be addressed.

The focus is put on topics such as the environmental and health care, sustainable practices in finance, children education, woman empowerment, ethics, peace.

They are many options and opportunities available to proceed towards this goal. The following main operations are considered :
  • organise conferences, seminars, workshops where recognised experts or researchers are invited to present their work and/or their experience in the field (do’s and don’t’s)
  • attend events, where the asbl SAKURA Initiative is invited to present their activities and their vision of social responsibility
  • release articles in selected newspapers and magazines or websites in order to report the activities of the asbl SAKURA Initiative and the strategy driven
  • take part to technical surveys (questionnaires, interviews, papers) initiated by premium public / private institutions or professional associations related to topics that promote ideas, initiatives, positions, values in line with the vision of the asbl SAKURA Initiative
The asbl SAKURA Initiative does not do advocacy by the mean of participation to demonstrations.