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2012-10 Inclusive Agricultural Development in the Philippines: Dairy Industry

posted Sep 12, 2012, 2:50 AM by Sakura Initiative   [ updated Jan 3, 2015, 3:40 AM by Ethi Ethics ]

The agricultural sector, including farming, fishery, livestock and forestry contributes 20 % of the Filipino GDP, (Gross Domestic Product) but the dairy industry represents only 2 %.
Despite the local climate and soils being very favorable for breeding livestock, the Filipino dairy market is dominated by imported milk from major food companies, such as Nestlé or Alaska. Such companies represent around 99% of the market, making dairy products the second biggest import of food products in the Philippines after rice. Furthermore, despite being labeled as “fresh”, imported milk is not.

The business case presented aims to expand consumer choice by setting up a pure local production of true fresh milk. In the same time, this project contributes to the creating of local jobs and revenues. This project also contributes to society by implemening practices familiar to the microfinance and the cooperative sectors.



En Mai 2012, SAKURA Initiative avait présenté, par la voix d’un de ses co-fondateurs, une entreprise agricole avec impact social et environnemental, établie en Afrique.
Dans la continuité du concept d’ « Impact Finance », SAKURA Initiative invite Danilo Valenton Fausto, un entrepreneur social philippin de renom, à exposer son modèle dans le domaine de l’élevage de buffles, pour développer une industrie laitière locale.

In May 2012, SAKURA Initiative presented with the participation of its co-founder, the economic, social and environmental framework of an agri-business project in Africa.
In a series of conferences addressing the topic of “Imapct Finance”, SAKURA Initiative is inviting Danilo Valenton Fausto, a well-established Filipino social entrepreneur, to showcase his model with buffalos’ husbandry supporting the development of a local milk production.

Im Mai 2012, lud SAKURA Initiative der Mitgründer eines in Afrika angesiedelten Agribusiness Projektes ein, um die wirtschaftlichen, sozialen und ökologischen erwarteten positiven Effekten vor Ort vorzustellen.
Als weiteres Beispiel des « Impact Finance » Konzeptes, wird dieses Mal der philippinische sozialorientierte Unternehmer Danilo Valenton Fausto seine erfolgreiche Erfahrung mit Büffelzucht für die Herstellug von örtlichen Milchprodukten erläutern


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