Our partners

SAKURA Initiative builds on the know-how and the network of expertise of its members and partners.

The objective is to encourage them getting actively involved in the development of the strategy and the projects.

On case-by-case, it might be considered offering hands-on support to strengthen long-term success and maximize the environmental and social impacts.

Main partners and network :

    (Promote Peace, Engagement and Education through Responsible and Social – Direct
                                                    Investment) - www.peersdirectinvestment.com

(leading sustainable investment) - www.mesoimpactfinance.com

(on-line microfinance plateform) - www.veecus.fr
    (plateform of projects of reforestation and Corporate Social Responsibility) - www.thetreehub.com
    (Luxembourg-based NGO promoting social finance) - www.etika.lu
         (Luxembourg-based NGO, membre d'honneur of SAKURA Initiative) - www.aideauvietnam.org
(CSR projects' provider) - www.imnergy.com